Aiming for a natural, sustainable, and better future, Sharabati Denim offers fabrics made from different fibers with the NATURE VIBES concept.
Woven using different combinations of Tencel, Modal, Linen, and Hemp, our denim and gabardine fabrics offer both comfort and naturalness.
In the Natural Vibes concept, we produce 100% Tencel fabrics, while also using a combination of natural fibers together in some products.
Especially products that use Tencel and Model together with cotton offer softness and comfort without compromising on the appearance of denim fabrics.
We use certified Organic Cotton or Post-Consumer Recycled Cotton together with natural fibers in the majority of our products,
Offered in different weights and weaving patterns, our fabrics can be used throughout the year thanks to their naturalness, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties.
Natural, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly. The Natural Vibes fabrics breathe new life into collections.