The main reason why we love denim fabrics is that they can appear in many different ways and have many different colors. Those who know denim fabrics well know how many shades of blue there are and how many different looks can be created using a single fabric.
However, we did not want to be limited to the shades of blue and black in our Happy Days collection. We wanted to look more colorful and shinier in these days when we need joy, laughter, and hope for the future the most.
We added color to denim and diversified it with the coating and printing machines that we added to the inventory of Sharabati Denim’s factories long ago.
Leather-like fabrics, denims with a colored back, and striped fabrics offer you more options now. Surfaces and colors change when washed.
We love life and embrace it with all its colors. We invite you to try on our Happy Days collection.